Book-in-progress review

For those of you seeking the sage wisdom of Rip Glide, here is some more for you: 4HB

For the uninitiated, 4HB stands for Four Hour Body, a book written Timothy Ferriss.  Tim is all but certifiably insane, which gives him the motivation, determination and willfulness to take his body to the extremes in order to discover what works and what will work for others.

I am still reading the book, so I will withhold a full judgement, but I did find one aspect very interesting.  That of minimum effective dose.  The concept is that in order to achieve 99% effective results, one needs to work extraordinarily hard.  To achieve 95% effective results, one needs work much less.  The minimum effective does will get you most of the way to the goal without spending all your time, energy, money, etc. on it.

In working out, perhaps 3-4 reps of an excercise will achieve your goal of gaining muscle mass.  The 4-12 reps simply leads to injury or simply not much more muscle.

In language, 2,500 words of Spanish will allow you to understand 95% of what is going on around you.  To comprehend 99%, it would take thousands more words.

Monimum effective dose.  Don’t overdo it – do it right.  and then move on with your life, there is a lot of dancing, working out and insurance to do!


Dancing is a combination of sports and insurance.  You might be wondering: if that is true, do we now love dance more than we love insurance?

The answer would clearly be… No.