Welcome to RipGlide.com

A lot of people wonder what RipGlide is.  Simply put, RipGlide is a prototype  exercise machine with near-unlimited potential to transform your body into a leaner, fitter you.  We at RipGlide believe that nothing comes without dedication and hard work.  So unlike other websites and retailers of fitness equipement…


  • Will NOT give you overnight success
  • WON’T make your hair grow back
  • Will NOT make you suddenly tan
  • May NOT cause beautiful women to flock to you

RipGlide Will Hurt!

As a prototype device that I cannot show you at this time, this may be hard to grasp.  So let me put it this way:
Rip….Glide.  Get it??

Muscles are built through micro-tears in the tissue that heal and grow stronger than they were before.  No ripping = no growth.  RipGlide is a machine that works the entire upper body – creating endless options for you to tear the muscles down, allowing them to be built up into a stronger form.

This isn’t magic. It’s science.  Proven fact.

You know what is NOT proven fact?  Atkins.  Eat fat and not bread and you will loose weight???  What they are not telling you is that you might also get sick and die (possible hyperbole for effect).

Rip Glide Facts:

  • Work out smarter AND harder.  Both matter in life.
  • Creativity counts.  Muscles like to be surprised.  Try something new.
  • Diet and Exercise.  This should be written: DietAndExercise.  They go together, so eat right and live right.
  • Muscle isn’t everything.  GASP…  All I am saying is don’t forget about endurance and flexibility.

RipGlide works the following Muscles:

  • Pectoralsis
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Deltoids
  • Trapezius
  • Latissimus
  • Abdominal

Why the rest of the site?

Allow me to explain.  RipGlide has some additional interests.  Dancing, blogging, and insurance.  Click around and see what you see.  Then tell me what you think of it… Please, not the other way around.